Just me and my darling without various guests

The spot we went is

It opened in Namsanjeong, Buk-gu, Busan

It’s <The Hanoi Foot and Body Namsanjeong Station Branch>

We normally go to Sajik-dong or underground springs

I go on a huge load of dates.

You’ll appear to be a couple courses by metro

I heard there’s a by and large outstandingly astounding shop like this

I moved away

The region is here! Get off at Namsanjeong Station

It was so remarkable to find it!!

The Hanoi Namsanjeong Station branch will hold an event in October

There will be a 30% discount for customers who visit unconventionally!

You can get a 30 percent markdown on top level meridian back rub

I can get it You didn’t have to pressure

The Hanoi Namsan Station branch deals with a 100% reservation premise

That is the explanation! You need to save a spot early

You can save a spot through phone, yet consistently

You can hold a spot on Naver!

Basically, Naver Photo Review occurring to booking Naver

In case you make a photo review out of Kakao Map, you can get a markdown of 5000 won

It’s possible!

We got a back rub. We got it in that sweeping region

I posted a photo layout and got a 5,000 won markdown

Before I hold a spot, I need to watch this YouTube video

It was especially valuable to see you

This is a video moved by a YouTuber who experienced it versus!

It explains the Namsan station branch in The Hanoi completely

In case you are enchanted, if no one genuinely minds, look out!

We conversed with the staff

80 minutes smell for me and 80 minutes dry reel for my dear

I picked the course!

If you save a spot early at The Hanoi Namsanjeong Station branch

If you demand a couple room

You can look for treatment in a comparative room

You don’t have to do a relative course!!

You can pick the course you need

It was vacillating!

You pick the course, then, you go to the extra room

You can change into an upkeep suit!

The thought suits are prepared by size!

The mirror and Susan in the extra room are so superb, correct?

H the lighting is just a selfie light!!!

Besides, mindfully give foot shower relationship here.

How astonishing the foot washroom is.!

It assists me with surveying my trip to Southeast Asia haha

A staff part gives you this study while tidying up

Where may you need to get raised thought

Things that the associate should be OK with,

I can pick something like strain power!

You don’t just get a back rub as demonstrated by the course

I can pick the parts and the apsegi

I trust I’m getting changed care~!

Also, warm punch tea is in like way on the house!

Raise the temperature of your body with a warm tea before the treatment

They say you can also cultivate impact if you go into the supervisors!

This is a figuring tea from Abeta

It is a brand name punch tea called Caffeine Free!

Sweet taste cleared out from peppermint and ricoris

It’s a tea that is sweet and helps you with calming down and unwind up!

Couple 출장안마 room

This is the couple room that we will be in care of!

Just me and my darling without various guests

I was so happy to get it!!

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